Friday, April 10, 2009

DocProject fails to build when checked into Subversion

I found this error condition occurring after introducing a documentation project to my code project and checking this into source control. When the build server attempts to build the solution from source control the following error occurs:

The actual error message is:
  • C:\Program Files\Dave  Sexton\DocProject\bin\DaveSexton.DocProject.targets(40, 5): Access to the path 'all-wcprops' is denied. 

  • Its resolved by ignoring the build output folders for DocProject from being included as source control content.
    Namely ignore the following folders:
    buildhelp, Help\Html and Help\Html2

    Now the build is green once again and life is good!

    Over here I found assistance to fix this issue

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    westerdaled said...

    Hi I have exact same issue: "access to C:\Myproject\bin..._svn\all-wcprops" is denied when I try to do a build with vs 2008...

    Of subversion / tortoiseSVN has to add this; and other files to bin directory is there a way of getting vs2008 to ignore theses or is there another solution?